"Mr. Gonzalez has worked many tough assignments for me.  Aside from his results, he is efficient, quick and very customer-oriented (he treats your work seriously and never relagates your business to the bottom of his priority list).  In other words, he not only provides top-notch work from the quality standpoint, but he also provides excellent service.  Over the last several years, he has handled several very important investigative assignments for me.  He has located and interviewed people for me, he has investigated matters and developed evidence for me, and he has testified at trial for me.  In this last regard (trial testimony), he is fantastic; owing to his very impressive background and credentials (which I would encourage any prospective client to take a moment to review), along with his manner and demeanor while giving testimony, the jury absolutely loved him, trusted him and believed what he had to say.  I absolutely and highly recommend Mr. Gonzalez for any of your investigative needs, even if that involves taking him with you to a foreign country to provide security and translation services ---- which he has done for me as well."

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About Bob

I am Robert (Bob) Gonzalez a California Licensed Private Investigator and Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).  With offices in Fresno and San Diego, California we conduct investigations throughout the United States and internationally.  We are ready and willing to travel as required by any assignment.

As a private investigator I have conducted investigations relating to international fraud, embezzlement, theft, bank fraud, corporate fraud, insurance fraud, and anti money laundering.  I have also conducted criminal defense investigations, and investigations of civil matters plus consultations and representations on all matters.  I have also conducted investigations relating to murder, drugs, assault, personal injury and three strike penalty cases

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IRS, Criminal Investigation Division

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(559) 351-4743 Fresno, CA
(619) 818-4341 San Diego, CA
P.O. Box 409, Fresno, CA 93708
4653 Carmel Mountain Rd., Suite 308-140,                    San Diego, CA 92130
California Private Investigator License # 23220

Bob Gonzalez

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​International theft, embezzlements, fraud, bank fraud, corporate fraud, insurance fraud, anti money laundering, criminal defenses and civil matters.


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